Healthcare companies cannot respond in time to the increasing demand for evidence and value.

But now they can, with GenexAI


How GenexAI can help you

Knowledge Base

GenexAI’s AI-powered Knowledge Base empowers users to upload and connect various data types, enabling valuable insights retrieval and success-driven decision-making.

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Data Maven

Automate customized reports effortlessly with Data Maven by GenexAI, saving time and ensuring unparalleled efficiency in report creation.

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Market Segmentation

Leverage deep learning algorithms to create patient profiles and segment unmet needs for effective value-based commercialization.

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Systematic Literature Review

Efficiently access up-to-date and relevant information for informed decision-making with GenexAI’s streamlined systematic literature review process.

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GenexAI can save around 15 months of planning

Traditional processes Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6
Retrieve data
Analyze evidence
Summarize conclusions
Identify Value Messages
GenexAI Q1
Retrieve data
Analyze evidence
Summarize conclusions
Identify Value Messages

Faster, more reliable access to the market

With GenexAI, companies can save up to 15 months of strategy review and initiate market entry plans faster and more effectively



Parameters applied

+ 25,000

Words processed simultaneously

+ 1,000

Articles processed in less than a day

+ 99 %

Accuracy achieved in all products

About us

Our Company Overview

Introduction to the company and its mission

  • The increasing regulatory, clinical, and reimbursement requirements are intended to safeguard healthcare systems.
  • However, they also create barriers for valuable medical technologies and innovations.
  • GenexAI was created in 2021 to bring the power of AI to overcome these barriers and ensure patients and providers have access to the medical technologies they need.
  • Because innovation is the bloodline of healthcare.

Focus on medical technology and AI innovation

Our team has decades of experience in the healthcare industry and developed one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated AI platforms for medical technologies companies.

Upload all your product materials, clinical articles, value dossiers, audio and video recordings, and many other documents in any language and let GenexAI create your Knowledge Base.

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